The information on this page is mostly prompted by queries we get - please do not hesitate to ask us to add information to this page!

Site Accessability

The University of Washington Seattle campus maintains a number of resources to help people navigate the campus.

  • A map of the Seattle campus that includes buildings and dorms we will be using, along with elevators, stair locations, wheel chair accessibility, etc. The page takes a short time to load.
  • UW’s Dial-A-Ride Shuttle is a fare-free shuttle that operates M-F 7:30am to 5:30pm. Visitor’s needing this service will need to reach out to us to be authorized based on their disability.
  • Walking time from the dorm rooms to Meany Hall (east side of campus) is 5 minutes (includes one set of stairs). From the dorm rooms to the HUB (west side of campus) is 10 minutes (contains two sets of stairs). All the rooms are between these two locations. The stairs on this route, between the dorms and Meany, are equivalent of about two floors. The second set of stairs, from Meany Hall up to Red Square, are another two floors. Both sets are easily avoided, adding about 3-5 minutes of walking time in each case. Both Google and Bing maps have all the walking paths on campus and can be used to navigate the campus.

Facilities Information

  • Dorm room beds are 28 inches from the ground to the top of the mattress. If a special request is made at time of booking, rooms with beds as low as 18 inches from the ground of the top of the mattress are available.