One Week Bulletin

Published: Jul 11, 2022 by

We are looking forward to meeting you in Seattle next week! This email contains some logistical information. You can find it on the web here.

Travel & Early Registration

Hopefully everyone’s travel plans are settled. Below are some resources and information for those of you coming to Seattle:

  • Information on travel to Seattle, including getting to and from the airport. The public transportation from the airport, SEATAC, to the dorms, via light rail is efficient, convenient, and cheap. It will involve some walking at either end (~10 minutes depending on where you are headed). The area is well mapped by google maps, which will give good talking instructions as well as public transportation. Taxis, Uber, and Lyft are also available ($50-$60 for the rideshare).
  • For those of you staying at the dorm rooms, check in will be at Willow Hall (4294 Whitman Lane NE). If you arrive unexpectedly after 10pm, please call 206-543-1000 and follow the prompts. If you are expecting to arrive late, please call 206-685-2959 ahead of time to arrange for a late check in (this is all on your dorm room checking email).
  • Beat the rush on Sunday morning for registration and register early!
    • Kane Lobby Saturday, 8am – 12pm (located in main campus, where the large meetings will occur)
    • Oak Hall – Denny room, 1pm – 4pm (located just across from dorm checkin at Willow Hall)

Please travel safely. There are 650 of us getting together in the next 9.5 days. Anything you can do to reduce the chances of bringing COVID to Snowmass will pay off over the next week.


Your name badge is your entrance ticket to conference activities including sessions, refreshment breaks, lunches, receptions, the conference dinner, and poster sessions.

Beginning Sunday morning at 8:00 AM, registration will be held in the Kane Lobby.


All COVID-19 information is being maintained on our COVID-19 web page. Please keep in mind the following:

  • All meetings and registration will require us to be fully masked.
  • Please download and use the WANotify app when you arrive in Washington. This uses the built-in ability of Android and iOS to track contacts anonymously. Please keep it running for the duration of the workshop. It will be a big help with our contact tracing when we have a case.
  • Please pack both masks and tests. We will have a good supply of KN95 masks and a limited number of antigen tests (with instructions in French).

Slack & Conference Communication

We will use a combination of Snowmass Slack and email to communicate with everyone, and as a path for you to communicate with us.

  • After this email is sent out we will add your registered email to the Snowmass slack channel community-summer-study. Please join, or join under your usual slack email. We will use this for quick communication (along with email) and this is a great place to ask others about logistics as well as us. Our UW team will be monitoring the channel during the conference.
  • We will create a slack channel for poster discussions and a slack channel for the first and last day plenaries, and finally a slack channel for the afternoon sessions. We’ll announce these in the community summer study channel, and everyone who wants can subscribe.

Hybrid Conference Guidelines

In order to make this a successful conference there are several things to keep in mind. First, please be mindful that there are large numbers of people both in person and also remote. Please make sure all talks are uploaded to indico as PDF at the very least. Please make sure to wait for a microphone to talk. If you are session chair for a session please make sure interactions from Zoom are properly taken into account.

The conference sessions are packed with talks. Please be respectful and stick to the allotted time for your talks. Session chairs will have cards indicating time remaining.

All sessions are being recorded and will be archived on YouTube and linked to agenda.

Our Meeting Rooms & Connectivity

We are using many large meeting rooms and large class rooms. As such, they are not supplied with a wealth of power. Please come prepared and fully charged.

The campus is blanketed by high speed internet. Two methods can be used to connect. The first is eduroam. This is the preferred method of connecting at the University of Washington. The second is a wifi username/password. Instructions for accessing the wifi by this method will be sent to all participants in the next few days.

The University of Washington has installed filters in all of their circulation systems for the large meeting rooms. The temperature, which is climate controlled, is kept reasonably warm. You’ll find stand-alone air purifiers in many of the classrooms we are using as well. All of this was installed as part of the University’s response to COVID. None-the-less, everyone must remain masked while inside.

Weather in Seattle

Weather predictions for more than one week are always tricky. That said, the current forecast looks typical for this time of year. Temperatures during the day will range between 70F (21C) and 80F (26F), and some days will have a light rain. Evenings drop down to about 60F (15C).

Last Minute sign up:

There are still places left for a number of activities at Snowmass:

  • If you would like a boxed lunch, please sign up before July 12th, noon Pacific time. You may find this convenient if you wish to attend any meetings that are over lunch - where you will have very little time to fetch and eat lunch before the start of the meeting (where you must remain masked).
  • The Surprising Expansion History of the Universe, a Public Lecture given by Adam Riess (2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics). It is free, but requires sign up.
  • Baseball - We currently have 60 people attending the game, so it should be a lot of fun (and a block of seats so we can sit together) Please use your registration link to sign up!
  • LIGO - You can sign up for the LIGO trip until July 19th, 4 pm local time. There are currently 50 people signed up for the trip. Again, use your registration link to purchase the trip!
  • Physics Department Lab Tours - Come see, among other things, ADMX, and where some of the well known short-range gravity experiments were performed. Sign up here. Very limited space is available. We are also arranging some tours for some of the ion trapping experiments down in the basement of the physics building - something our department is famous for. These will appear at the same place.

What to do in Seattle

Seattle is large town situated close to the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges. As a result there is a wealth of activities to choose from if you arrive early (or stay late). We have collected a list of some of our favorite activities on our web pages. We’ll keep updating it as people point out new activities.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom rooms will be distributed in the evening for the following day via email to all registered participants. To keep the chances of zoom bombing low please do not share them.