Child Care

Child care

We are working with the UW Youth Protection to provide centralized access to child care facilities based on demand. Please complete the Survey, or Contact Us via email with your needs.

Child care for toddlers and younger

We are grouping children under 5 years of age to seek for shared nannies/babysitters in the Slack channel #seattle-snowmass-childcare.

The nannies and baby-sitters can be hired from sites below. Folks can post an ad for available opportunities.

On-site child care for K-12

This service is only available for kids with 5 years of age or older. The drop-in rate of shared nanny service is $5/hr per kid. The venue is Mary Gates Hall R206, a 5 min walk from the workshop venue. In addition to shared nannies, you can also hire your own nannies/babysitters and use the facility without additional cost.

Off-site child care

There are several exciting programs nearby UW. To name a few,

Private space and nersing room

In Kane Hall and HUB, we have reserved one personal room for each. Each room is equipped with a refigurator. Please Contact Us to reserve time slots for you.

More resources

To exchange information of childcare resources, we have created a Slack channel on the Snowmass2021 workspace #seattle-snowmass-childcare for discussions and coordinations.

Additional information regarding UW-area childcare options can be found here