Outreach activities

Outreach events will be organised during the summer with the intent of raising awareness of the Snowmass proceedings and related physics topics. Physicists from the workshop are invited to join colleagues and the public for a live virtual tour of the LIGO Hanford Observatory, a Colliderscope performance near the UW campus, and community outreach events to engage directly with the public in small groups. We are planning a series of events at the Seattle Pacific Science Center and at selected locations of the Seattle YMCAs.

Kids and families will engage with researchers and students of the University of Washington and learn about topics such as Dark Matter, Gravitational Waves or Cosmic Rays. During each session, we will use demonstrations and craft to illustrate the physics concepts behind these phenomenoms.

DMJelly GravWaveGelatin CloudChamber
Jelly and laser demo to illustrate gravitational lensing used by physicists to measure the effects of Dark Matter (Image Credit: J Woithe and M Kersting) Gelatin and marbles to illustrate the wave created by the collision of two black holes (Image Credit: Jet Propulsion Lab, Caltech) Image from a diffusion cloud chamber, a device capable of displaying tracks of charged particles. We will have a cloud chambers for our audience to observe the particle tracks and discuss the various origins of cosmic rays. (Image credit: Nuledo)

Seattle has a large network of local public libraries and after-school programs which host many events. The outreach committee of the LOC is planning to host several events at these venues. If you are interested in developing some outreach activities this summer or if you would like to participate to these events as a science communicator, please get in touch with us!