Second Bulletin

Published: May 30, 2022 by

We are looking forward to seeing you in Seattle, July 17-26, 2022! There is a lot of information in this bulletin, including information about registration, dorm rooms and hotels, social events, DOE visit, and DANCE, a software training event. Full details can be found at our website, which we are updating regularly as new information becomes available.

Please register now and plan your travel as soon as you can. Early-bird registration is open until June 13, 2022. Plane flights and lodging are all increasing in price.


Dorm room booking is open! The starting place is our lodging page. The dorm rooms at UW are block reservations, with some small flexibility at the start and end of the meeting. Double ($660) and Single ($1095) occupancy rooms are available, and there is limited possibility for children to stay. Prices are for a full stay. We have a lot of rooms on hold - however, we will need to release them around June 15th!

We have also added new hotel options, both high and medium range, to our lodging page. Hotels very close to the University are bound to book up quickly (some have already started to fill!).


We are busy getting the indico schedule ready, but until then there are two block schedules available to aid in your planning.

A block-schedule overview of the full week can be found here. At the start and the end are plenary sessions. In between, there are 7 days with parallel sessions in the mornings and the afternoons are larger gatherings designed to be inclusive across frontiers. Some highlights:

  • Sessions from each frontier describing the work, challenges they see over the next 10 years, and avenues forward for R&D. Possible recommendations to come out of the Snowmass process will be discussed as well.
  • Sessions discussing National and International HEP Research programs are planned. We are also currently settling the dates of special meetings with representatives of DOE and NSF.
  • Sessions of general importance to the HEP community

The second schedule shows the morning parallel sessions in much more detail. The sessions are color coded by frontier, with the exception of the cross-frontier sessions.

Lunches are two hours each day, which is enough time to leave campus and eat at a local restaurant if one desires. Using your favorite mapping program to find the University of Washington, and then searching restaurants near-by will tell you how rich your options are for local eateries! It is also possible to pre-order boxed lunches if one wants to remain on campus.

Our social program is further filling out:

  • Workshop Reception - Monday, July 18. Join us all after the first day of parallel sessions to celebrate the start of the workshop!
  • Industry Networking – Tuesday, July 19. Primarily for younger physicists, this event offers an opportunity to discuss career paths with our industrial partners.
  • Public lecture – Wednesday July 20. Come and hear a lecture by Nobel prize winning astrophysicist Adam Riess.
  • Physics Slam - Thursday, July 21. Watch as four Physicists compete to give the most entertaining explanation of some of the most exciting issues in physics today.
  • Workshop Dinner - Friday July 22 (please select and pay during registration). Will include dinner, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages. There will be a cash bar.
  • ColliderScope - Saturday, July 23. Listen to, dance along with, and marvel at the DJ stylings and oscilloscope wonderment of Larry Lee and Nikola Whallon.
  • Mariners Baseball theme night - Monday, July 25. Join the game with Texas Rangers and experience a special theme night, “Christmas in July.”

Other News

Some other recent news:

  • A computational and data science software training event, DANCE: CoDaS, which stands for Dark Matter and Neutrino Computation Explored: Computational Data Science for High Energy Physics School, is co-located at Snowmass and is targeted at early career members of our community. Selected applicants will receive travel and lodging support. The schedule allows participants time to attend many Snowmass activities. Please see this page to apply (by May 25 for full consideration, you can find this under Events on our website).
  • The DOE and NSF will be hosting PI meetings during the week, much as they did during Snowmass 2013. Both small and large group gatherings are planned.
  • Poster submission remains open until June 13. Poster acceptances have been sent for all submitted abstracts. We’ve heard reports that some of these acceptances were captured by spam filters - if you submitted a poster, please go into the workshop indico agenda and check the status of your submission.
  • We have started doing inspections of some of our workshop rooms to check for accessibility. We don’t have any information to share yet, but we will soon start updating our accessibility page with logistics and further information relevant to attending the workshop.


Omicron’s rapid rise taught the community that it is impossible to plan very far in advance. Our host, the University of Washington, will assist us in providing a safe environment, employing all required and in some cases additional, measures and precautions. The Local Organizing Committee will monitor the pandemic and keep you informed of any new developments. We will make whatever changes are necessary to the conference format to maintain the health and safety of participants, which is our highest priority.