Travel Awards

Travel Awards

The travel support award assists members of the community with travel fares and conference registration fees for the Snowmass Community Summer Study Workshop held on July 17-26, 2022 at the University of Washington, Seattle. The award is aimed at members of the community who would not otherwise be able to attend.

The first round of travel awards are being awarded and we are doing our best to find additional sources of funding to meet the demand. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting further travel award requests.

How to Claim

While Traveling

  • Make sure to keep all your receipts!!!

After travel

You can reimbursed up to your award amount for:

  • Airfare
    • If traveling internationally, we can only reimburse you if you fly a US carrier /Open Skies agreement carrier.
    • We cannot reimburse for seat upgrades
    • We cannot reimburse for First/Business class fares or travel insurance
    • A comparison fare limit will be used if you are adding personal time or seat upgrades are not distinguished from the base fare.
  • Lodging
    • Lodging is limited to a maximum reimbursement of $232 per night + tax
    • Lodging is allowable during the conference; one additional night is allowable if you cannot return home by 9pm that night.
    • Lodging receipt needs to be in travelers name.
    • Must be “Commercial” lodging available to public ‐ Airbnb, the UW dorms, others are allowable
  • Meals not provided by others (i.e. included hotel meals or meals provided at SnowMass)
  • Ground transportation
    • No need for receipts for taxi’s, Uber’s, Lyft’s up to $75. Above $75 a recept is needed.
    • If using a personal vehicle to travel between home and airport, mileage is reimbursed
      • Calculated from your mailing address to the airport listed on your airline ticket
  • Poster Printing Costs
  • Registration (though that was waived for everyone)

We suggest you find one or two big ticket items (like airfare or the hotel/dorms) and submit those if possible - as it will make it easy on the paperwork.

All materials should be emailed to the email address you received in an email pointing you to this page. In addition to the receipts above, please include cut paste the below list into an email and complete the information.

  • Your name and affiliation (university or lab)
  • Your mailing address for check reimbursement, if USA
    • Information to pay bank transfer, if international
  • If arriving internationally for conference, copy of your passport and I-94 info via the CBP website
  • Times of departure and arrival from/to home.
  • Receipts are needed for:
    • Airfare
    • Lodging (and must be in awardee’s name)
    • Poster Printing
    • Ground transportation for trips above $75

Once the paperwork is filled out by UW, you’ll get a PDF which you must sign. At that point everything can be processed and the check will be sent (or funds transferred) to you in a week or two.


  • demonstration of need


  • Early Career members who do not have other funding for the conference.
  • applicants who are actively involved in the Snowmass organization process
  • applicants who are presenting at the conference (talk or poster)
  • members of underrepresented groups (women and underrepresented minorities)

Minimum Amounts (depending on the number of applications):

  • $300 for domestic travel and conference registration fee
  • $500 for international travel and conference registration fee
  • $300 for virtual conference registration fee

To submit an application please fill out this google form. Please have this submitted by May 25th to assure timely notification before early bird registration finishes.

If you have questions, please let us know!.