Child Care

Private space and nursing room

We have reserved 1 room in Kane Hall and 2 rooms in the HUB as personal rooms. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator. Please Contact Us to reserve time slots for usage.

Child care

We recommend two off-campus child care facilities.

For toddlers and younger:

For K-12 kids:

Shared nanny

We are working with the UW Youth Protection to arrange shared nanny/babysitter services ($5/hr per kid). Folks can post job descriptions to hire nannies from sites below.

Kids with 5 years of age or older can be hosted in the Mary Gates Hall R206, a 5 min walk from the workshop venue. Nannies (either group share or individual) can use this room without additional cost. Please contact us 3 weeks in advance to arrival dates in order to reserve a seat for you.

Other child care resources

There are several exciting programs nearby UW. To name a few,

More resources

  • Please complete the Survey.
  • Contact Us via email with your needs 3 weeks in advance of your arrival since it takes time to allocate resoruces.
  • Join Slack channel on the Snowmass2021 workspace #seattle-snowmass-childcare to exchange information of childcare resources.